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The core – DNA

The double helix structure lies vertically in the middle of the company logo stating that DNA is “the backbone of life”. On earth, where there is life, DNA (or RNA) must be there. It also forms the “G” of the abbreviation of company (i.e. GBT). The founder Dr. Gallant CHAN has been trained as a molecular biologist during his Bachelor and Mphil study 20 years ago. Dr. CHAN is an expert in molecular cloning. He has characterized DNA markers from various types of biomaterials including viruses, bacteria, fungi, fishes, reptiles, mammalian cells, herbal materials, Chinese medicine and even raw materials for cosmetic products.

It opens up the gate of BIOTECHNOLOGY.

The Ginkgo Leaf – Chinese Medicine

The second half of the company logo formed by a leaf of Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo Folium), one of a few Chinese medicine which has been recorded in US pharmacopeia. Renowned as the living fossil, Ginkgo biloba just meet the biblical description about “The Tree of Life” which leaves can heal a variety of diseases, especially for those related to our brain healthiness. It also forms the “B” and “T” of the company abbreviation. Since 2006, Dr. Gallant CHAN has started to explore the area of Chinese Medicine. He has participated in the preparation of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (Phase III & IV) and was the one who prepared the monographs for Ginkgo Folium. “Even more professional than the professionists” is the last comment from an international advisory board member to Dr. Chan about his work on Ginkgo Folium before the official endorsement.

It opens up the gate of PHARMACEUTICALS.

The Blue Bird – Swiftlet

Superimposing the core DNA and the Ginkgo leaf, a bird in flight is noted. This is the swiftlet, Aerodramus fuciphagus, a bird produces the most prestigious dessert in the world – bird’s nest soup (namely, caviar in the east) and links up to a total market volume of several billion US. In 2011, Dr. Gallant CHAN has been sent by HKUST to investigate the food safety incident on edible bird’s nest (EBN). The findings eventually becomes part of the PhD thesis of Dr. Chan on food safety and quality control of EBN. Following this, an OEM of a famous chain store focus in healthcare products approaches UST for reviewing and upgrading their cosmetic products derived from EBN. Since then, from 2013 to 2021, Dr. Gallant CHAN has working with varies type of biotech companies and managed over 10 Innovation Technology Commission and other government funded projects.

It opens up the gate of COMMERCIALIZATION.