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Crowns OFF® Health drink collection

Crowns OFF® Health drink collection

How Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet Combats COVID-19?


The bioactive ingredients in Crowns OFF® fight COVID-19 in different pathways:


  1. By competing with the ACE2 receptor on cell membrane surfaces, Crowns OFF® Naringenin & Quercetin Effervescent Tablet reduces the BINDING CAPACITY between the virus-caused COVID-19 (i.e. SARS-CoV-2) and ACE2. Hence, it lowers the ability for SARS-CoV-2 to enter our cells (Pro-active Measure).
  2. Even when the virus successfully invades our cells, Crowns OFF® could attenuate 3CL protease activity to slow down the replication of SARS-CoV-2 (Re-active Measure).
  3. Some people in Hong Kong who have recovered from COVID-19 infection suffer from a kind of tissue damage due to “cytokine storm”. Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet comprises Naringenin and Quercetin, which helps attenuate inflammation induced by down-regulating pro-inflammatory markers via NF-kB signalling pathway (Post-active Measure).

In conclusion, Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet provides us with an ALL-ROUNDED PROTECTION against COVID-19

Activation of neuron after treatment of active ingredients in Crowns OFF®

Can Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet Beat LONG COVID?

One of the most severe syndromes in LONG COVID was the so-called “BRAIN FOG” or its original name, “clouding / disturbance of consciousness”. The description of pharmacology in Brain Fog was highly similar to the brain disorder (e.g. Depression) in Traditional Chinese Medicinal theory. One of the major components in Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet ⁠— Quercetin, could reactivate the brain cells and provide an effective remedy for brain fog.

What are the ingredients of Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet Are there harmful ingredients?

Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet is a natural herbal formulation without preservatives and artificial chemicals. It is beneficial to your health and helps boost your immune system. Besides, the tablet features potent ingredients such as naringin and quercetin, which provide strong anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, and antioxidant effects to protect your health in Hong Kong. Additionally, Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet boasts excellent properties for controlling your glucose level and targeting noticeable signs of ageing. It is the right fit for anyone looking for a health product in Hong Kong.

Ingredients of Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet: 

Anhydrous Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Resistant Dextrin, Leucine, MONK FRUIT EXTRACT, LICORICE EXTRACT, Grapefruit Fruit Powder, Sucralose, QUERCETIN, Pomelo Peel Glycosides, NARINGENIN, food flavour.

What Are the Health Benefits of Naringin & Naringenin?

Primarily found in citrus fruits and tomatoes, naringin and naringenin are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help support your body’s response to oxidative stress and inflammation. They work with other potent ingredients in the Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet to prevent a variety of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Can Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet Boost My Immune System?

Yes. Our healthy drinks are rich in citrus extracts such as naringin and naringenin, which help boost your immunity and cardiovascular and bone health, supporting healthy metabolism as well as combating fatigue. Stay healthy and fight off infectious bacteria with Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet.

Direction for Use

Put 1 Crowns OFF® Effervescent Tablet in 100-200ml lukewarm or cold water. Enjoy a healthy and refreshing drink once the tablet has completely dissolved.


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