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OEM Consulting Services: Skincare & Biotech Manufacturing Hong Kong

Gallant BioTechnology Limited (GBT) provides OEM consulting services to biotech manufacturing companies of all scales in Hong Kong. Our team of biotech professionals specialise in leveraging data and technology innovations to deliver high-quality products at competitive pricing. Whether you are a manufacturer in the skincare, healthcare or other business sectors, OEM services help reduce time, labour, and production costs to maximise profits in your company. With our cutting-edge technology and high-skilled workers, GBT offers a broad range of OEM services, from production line review and project fundraising to raw material sourcing and formulation licensing to take your innovation to the next level.

Production Line Review

Priding ourselves as a premier biotech company in Hong Kong, GBT provides outstanding OEM consulting services to skincare and biotech manufacturing. We position ourselves in the upper-mid stream of the industrial chain and hold valuable industry insights to streamline your biotech product development. Liaising closely with raw material providers, researchers and vendors, we understand your needs and biotech products and know what works best for you. Our top-notch expertise helps fix the flaws and devise workflow options to perfect your production line, from raw material sourcing and R&D to OEM and shipment marketing. With years of real-world experience in the skincare biotech industry, GBT delivers professional and advisory OEM services in Hong Kong, which expand numerous manufacturing production lines in a blaze to exceed your expectations.

Project Fundraising

As a local pioneer in biotechnology, GBT is on a mission to advance the role of science and technology in our societal development. We put you in touch with trusted investors looking for excellent projects to fund, giving your company an edge to penetrate the market rapidly. Whether you are looking for funds to expand your business or kick off a successful startup, we have forged strong connections with funding partners and a diverse range of companies to invest in your success. Through our expertise in biotech manufacturing, skincare, and OEM services, we drive growth and accelerate business outcomes. Unlock your groundbreaking insights with GBT in Hong Kong today!

Raw Material Sourcing

Connected with a multitude of raw material suppliers and OEMs, Gallant Biotech is known as the network node for the whole industrial chain in biotech product development. We have established solid and long-term relationships with these companies, which have a reputation for sourcing quality products and specialised OEM services to our biotech skincare manufacturers. With customer product safety in mind, we are committed to raw-material authentication and quality check to deliver reliable products safe for consumption. On top of that, our expansive networks ensure your sourcing costs are at the heart of staying competitive and ahead of your needs.

Formulation Licensing

Originality is central to product innovations and scientific advancements. As a leading biotech company in Hong Kong, GBT is constantly spurring innovations and highly values intellectual property (IP) protection. Discoveries made through arduous scientific research and development by our clients are valuable assets that need to be protected. Apart from the above-listed services, we remain involved in formulation licensing and IP licensing throughout your production process, helping tackle issues of confidentiality, branding, and more. With a robust portfolio of biotech manufacturing and OEM consulting services, we are bound to empower your digital transformation and growth.

Contact Us

Got a question about our OEM consulting services? Don’t hesitate to contact us to map out your biotech journey in Hong Kong, whether skincare or health product manufacturing. Our team of biotech professionals are constantly inspired to deliver end-to-end solutions that heighten your company’s technological innovations down the road. Unleash your true potential today!

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