Dr. PIG 豬博士

The perfect combination between Nature and AI

Adopting the cutting-edge aerospace technology AI-PRS technology from UCLA with 147 herbal small molecules to develop a Ultra skin whitening formula. Its whitening and brightening level is more than double that of all existing cosmetics that are generally based on traditional herbs. In addition, during the clinical testing of safety and efficacy, it was unexpectedly found that the formula has both high moisturizing and antioxidant effects. 

Cold Technology, a Warm-Hearted Story Beneath

The inventor of the formula, Dr. Gallant CHAN,is a PhD graduate and Assistant Research Professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After Dr. CHAN left HKUST, he founded Gallant Biotechnology Limited and the cosmetic brand Dr. Pig. Dr CHAN bought back the exclusive license of the formula from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology at a high price of HK$800,000. Dr. Pig’s Herbal Essence Series is based on Dr. CHAN’s exclusive licensed formula. At the same time, Dr. CHAN also shared his bittersweet moments of chasing his dream of becoming a scientist in the past 40 years, namely “The Story of Dr. Pig” through this products.